From social apps to mobile-first ERP & BI, we are dedicated to build easy-to-use mobile app solutions (no matter how complex they could be) either from scratch or as a combination of out-of-the-box modules for you to reach your business goals the shortest way.



Cloud Powered Backend

Control your data to show whatever you want on mobile app from powerful cloud enabled backend server. We will provide secure login from where you can manage your own data.

Lower Cost Development

Xtecsoft has 5+ years of experience creating mobile apps. We reuse code to save your money. Many of your existing needs are already develop and ready to use.

We Invest In Ideas

We know in Pakistan mobile app ideas are just started. There is a revolution coming to Pakistan with your idea and our sharp skills we want to become a part of this big change.

We Provide Quality

No Matter your are small business or enterprise we are a firm which believe in quality. We provide quality app development from start to finish, connecting you to your customers globally.

Mobile apps for Business

We believe mobile apps can do more than just being social & playing games, It can give your business a true boost. At Xtecsoft, we already development many enterprise mobile apps which are solving many business problem.



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Our App Development Experience

We have 5+ years of experience in industry. We are the best mobile app developers in Pakistan for a variety of industries including order/delivery management, distribution and banking/finance to name a few. Our team acknowledges the important role that secure mobility works for companies of all sizes and in all industries. With our all-embracing expertise in mobile app development we walk you through the process of establishing a sophisticated mobile app solution to connect you to your customer and creating value and convenience for all involved parties.

Our app designing experience

A mobile app is only worth the screen it is typed on if it makes the actual users' lives easier. The key to building impactful app that is useful, impactful and efficient is knowledge of user's environment, preferences and priorities. We not only technically design the app we also study user preferences and suggest best possible design. Design, not only looks great but also easy and more natural to use.

Selected Case Study

We developed Kepler mobile CMS for industries like Media and marketing. Kepler is a complete mobile content management solution controlled by powerful cloud backend. Some of the features are listed below.

Clean and Easy Design

More natural design for users. Just few tabs and a lot of scroll.

Document Management

Complete document viewing, listing and grouping connected with cloud.

Offline Storage

Once user open any mobile view, cache manager intelligently caches mobile views for online viewing.


Controlled news view with different new types, shows user in-order you like.


Host your videos on you tube & vimeo, with the help of video manager play videos directly from app.

Push notification

Talk to your customers and send notifications whenever you want this is a new way of connecting.

Some Apps Screenshots

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