we provide services from financial and human resources to procurement and order processing, Xtecsoft delivers ERP systems boosting operational efficiency of your enterprise.

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Cloud Based ERPS

Meet the next generation cloud enabled ERPs. You only need a web browser or mobile app to overcome the boundaries of limitations, with the security you expect from Cloud.

ERPs Powered By Mobile Apps

We learned in order to control more business process mobile app is a great tool. We are not limited to provide you just the solution we provide complete solution.

Flexible Pricing Model

We only charge for modules you need and number of users. On the top of that Xtecsoft reuse code to customize ERP solutions and optimize cost for you. This helps small business to overcome pricing challenges.

IT Support Services

We provide excellent customer support by providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier technical IT support, even after successful deployment that’s what make us best software development company in Pakistan.

Harness digital technology to support your growth with existing pre-configured modules


  • Customer profiles with complete details (NTN, GST, terms, contact details etc).
  • Complete Search and Quick reports
  • Tax Profiles
  • Payment Terms

Accounting & Finance

  • Payment receipts
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal ledger
  • Bank dashboards and reports.
  • Account reconciliations
  • Account classes (Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Expenses).
  • Earnest Money
  • Powerful reports


  • Lead resulting
  • Manual Sale
  • Daily worklist for sales rep with scheduler support
  • Forecasting
  • Year to year comparisons for sales.
  • Profit and loss
  • Sales dashboard

Call Center & Leads

  • Complete lead management
  • Lead sources
  • Lead resulting transactions
  • Call center worklist by agents
  • 3rd party integration
  • Call center performance reports
  • Lead calcifications by regions and products
  • Automated order conversation on lead resulting
  • Notes for internal communication
  • Customizable lead workflows
  • Events to log history of lead

Inventory Management

  • Complete vendor management with tax profiles
  • Complete product and categories calcifications
  • Complete Purchase order management
  • Powerful receive process
  • Stocking reports
  • Aging Reports
  • Planning reports
  • Sale order management for ware houses
  • Specialized inventory features for complex inventory items
  • Item based tracking
  • Product based tracking

Human Resource

  • Attendance
  • Staff management
  • Payroll
  • Performance reports
  • Bonus, loans and chargebacks tracking

Distribution Management

  • Distribution planning
  • Daily sales reports
  • Route management
  • PPOSM tracking
  • TPOSM tracking

Order Management

  • Order management with customizable workflows
  • Project based order tracking
  • Customer based order tracking
  • Profit and Loss directly on order
  • Order documents
  • Order events for history and logging
  • Order notes for internal communication
  • Resource based job scheduling
  • Inventory tracking on order
  • Integration with issue tracker
  • Integration with automated email & SMS
  • Labor & material management

Dispatch Management

  • Complete scheduler for dispatch
  • Order dispatch workflow
  • Dispatch by products from inventory
  • Last minute details capturing for example vehicle information arrival time etc.
  • Post-dispatch surveys


  • Customizable Survey Management
  • Surveys for mobile
  • Voice of customer

Issue Tracker

  • Issue tracking for order
  • Issue tracking for jobs
  • Issue tracking for leads
  • Priority based issue tracking
  • Issues by Age
  • Complete dashboard

Document Management

  • Go paper less with cloud enabled document management
  • Attach documents to lead and orders
  • Keep information with resources it belongs
  • Powerful search features


  • SMS campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • 3rd party integration


  • Powerful and customizable dashboards
  • Quick view to focus on data you want to see
  • Daily, weekly, week to date and month views
  • Visual and predictive analytics

ERP Administration

  • User management
  • Role based security
  • Software health monitoring
  • Meta data system to control ERP

Connected Mobile Apps

  • Sales rep app
  • Distribution app
  • Inventory app

Cloud and Data Platform

  • Data warehousing technology
  • Big Data solutions
  • Information management
  • End-to-end integration

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Our Experience with ERP Development

Xtecsoft has been working with cloud ERPs since the birth of a cloud. With 6+ years of experience, serving 8+ countries We provide technologically advance ERP solutions with highest ROI. We don’t fit your business into ERP we model your business and create customized ERP solutions for your business needs.

Improved ERP performance

Developing ERP for the web essentially frees up computational resources that are necessary when deploying a standalone ERP solution. This is good news for smaller businesses that cannot afford the heavy infrastructure, because all that is required for cloud ERP to function is a good internet connection.

Decrease in operational costs

In-Premises ERP requires hardware and the IT resources to maintain it. This, in addition to licenses and the ERP software itself. Cloud based ERPs have the option of a monthly subscription that can be tailored to the business needs with very little initial cost, thus reducing overall ERP operational costs substantially.

Security freedom

The data pushed and pulled from ERP system is generally confidential and needs to be protected. Cloud based web ERP offers superior security solutions that ensure the information is encrypted and secure. User access to cloud-based systems allows activity tracking reducing security risks.

ERP Design Experience

In our experience most of the users think that ERPs are complicated and we can relate to them. We try to create ERP design so easy to use which avoid user training and easy adoption of ERP in the company.

Clean and modren layout

We provide clean and user-friendly layouts with modern touch. More actionable user experience with bright colors for all age groups.

Relevant information display

We don’t try to confuse users, we only show information which is relevant to them or just for them.

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