Shift to the cloud with Xtecsoft cloud computing & development services

Shift to the cloud with Xtecsoft cloud computing & development services

As a cloud software development company, We provide cloud based ERP development, mobile app development and big data solutions, which provide scalability from ground up to your business.

Cloud Software Development

Transform Your Business with Cloud Technology

Shifting to cloud solutions improves the mobility of your business and reduces cycle times, allowing you to make changes to your software faster and safer. We deliver innovative cloud-based solutions that drive businesses forward by enabling them to take advantage of flexibility, scalability and security offered by cloud providers, or retain control over IT assets by utilizing private or hybrid models.

Cloud-first Development

Xtecsoft as business cloud computing company, delivers custom cloud solutions that are engineered from the ground up to be deployed to a cloud environment and provides out of the box security, resiliency and availability inherent to cloud providers.

Migration to Cloud

Xtecsoft as a business cloud computing company thinks migration from multiple perspectives, including the investments and current application architecture, modernizing your solution and optimizing its contribution to stated and implied business goals.

Cloud Optimization

Xtecsoft as a enterprise cloud computing company, helps optimizing performance and costs across application, consolidating infrastructure to achieve higher availability, scalability and refine resources to increase performance across workloads.

We speak Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive public cloud ecosystem from Microsoft. Xtecsoft is competent to understand and synchronize your cloud ambitions well with Microsoft Azure. Xtecsoft, analyse your existing IT ecosystem and help you formulate your long & short term cloud strategy.

We speak AWS

AWS is a cloud service operating system that revolves around development, service hosting and management environment. At Xtecsoft we work with all the prominent AWS technologies and cloud applications.

We know hybrid solutions

Love the cloud but want to keep sensitive data in-house… not a problem. We are expert of providing hybrid solutions. Only use awesome cloud services where you truly need them no matter how attractive they are.

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