Agile Product Development

Agile Product Development

As an agile product development company, We offer fast but balanced with quality product development services in Pakistan. We provide Incremental, iterative delivery of working systems to ensure quality product on time.

Agile Product Development

Agile Product Development

As an agile product development company, We offer fast but balanced with quality product development services in Pakistan. We provide Incremental, iterative delivery of working systems to ensure quality product on time.
By providing turnkey and end to end services, we are a complete software product development company. Using Agile methodology, our teams neatly merge with your company’s infrastructure, resources and core systems. We prioritize transparency, seamless communication and absolute access for our clients through our methods seeking the most efficient custom approach. If you find it unfeasible developing a product on your own, refer your ideas simply to specialists at Xtecsoft. Expanding product development requirements to external expertise is convenient as well as economical as compared to resourcing an in house team on your own. Here we recommend you to focus your energies on what you do best and we will do the same. Remember: if you are looking for customization of your company’s existing platform and to address some resource gaps, visit our Custom Software Development page.

What We Do?

To start any product development we first consult with the client regarding business, systems, infrastructure, challenges, timelines, budgets and product goals. This makes us able to give critical feedback to you on optimizing existing technology and your new product to take it to the next level.
Requirements Analysis
After laying out a plan for new product, we will work with you in order to review and perfect it. This will be followed by a detailed analysis on how to create product requirements and also identifying technologies required to integrate it into existing systems. This overarching concern is to capitalize on value-addition to product through this process.
Once the product is delivered, our work is not finished yet. We present support services to our clients. There may be the only interaction you have with your client in terms of customer support and we believe it is very critical to get it right. You can count on our highly experienced support teams which can give your product that competitive edge required in troubleshooting any challenges faced by your customers. This advantage could incredibly transform your support center into a profit center over and over again.
Design and Development
We allot highly experienced development teams to each of our clients. These teams work closely with your internal resource using agile development methodology for designing, planning and developing your final product. A dedicated Xtecsoft Project Manager oversees the product development of SDLC in tandem with your project leads and enables transparency and accessibility in budgets, progress and timelines.
Manual Testing and Test Automation
Throughout the stages of product development, our testing team regularly searches for bugs and examines the workability of the code. Through the software development life cycle, we can provide testing services even if the product is delivered. Our performance, functional, regression and integration tests guarantee that we have met and operated all product requirements as desired. We also automated testing tools such as Selenium WerbDriver, Soasta, Selenium RC and Sauce Labs.
In performing end to end product development, we look for building flexible, scalable products with an eye towards future. Xtecsoft can step in as your company grows and delivers product maintenance and improvements based on your needs, your experience and user feedback. Our maintenance services are not only limited to our own products but we also perform maintenance on third party applications. We have recently helped breathe new life into old applications by shifting them into the cloud.

Why Xtecsoft?

You can wonder what sets Xtecsoft apart from our competition in product development and web application field. We believe our record speaks for itself. To enterprise and mid-sized clients, we have been providing agile product development and recognized 6 times in the Inc. 5000. We have performed in a multitude of industries including energy, banking, education, healthcare, web hosting and technology. Our customers largely enjoy our tailored processes, scalability and dedicated development teams. It would be a long winded and generalized account to list our services. Instead, give us a call and talk to us so you can get to know us and we can provide a customized service package.
  • Development Team

    Dedicated team

    The dedicated development team of Xtecsoft will work with you in advancing this product from start to end meeting all developmental requirements with full accessibility and transparency.
  • scalability


    The budget is in your hand as the team scales up or down as needed. In this case, the cost is completely in your control while maintaining flexibility to meet demands as they change.
  • quality-process

    Quality Process

    Our agile product methodology relies on best practices and industry standards and helps us deliver highest class technology and software products.

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