Despite the advancement of technology, a software system only worth the screen it is typed on if it makes actual user’s lives easier. The key to build useful, efficient and impactful systems is knowledge of user’s preferences, environment and priorities.


In spite of the crucial advancement of technology, system softwares exist to provide user-friendly solutions to the client. The purpose of any software provider is to build convenient, efficient and impactful systems keeping in mind user’s preferences, work environment and business priorities.

Xtecsoft invests heavily in progressive and exclusive training programs for engineers to develop their skills. Our unique knowledge database enables us to begin, develop and deliver our solutions with greater effectiveness and efficiency than the competition. Client feedback establishes our credibility as a premium software provider by being up to twenty percent (20%) more productive than an alternative option during the first twelve months of consultation – we take great pride in providing our clients with tailored solutions up to ten weeks in advance.


We work hand-in-hand with financial and banking institutions developing scalable software systems and delivering innovative software solutions to bring tangible value to their businesses.

Travel & Hospitality

Xtecsoft have partnered with many clients to deliver comprehensive software solutions for onsite, mobile, web and cloud-based platforms. We cooperated with leading players in hospitality management and real-time booking platforms.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Xtecsoft creates innovative healthcare solutions that provide process automation and improve accessibility and quality of medical services. We have expertise in CRM/ERP solutions for medical organizations, healthcare service providers and patient care.

Real Estate and Home Improvement

Xtecsoft offers scalable enterprise real estate and home improvements software solutions as an additional software outsourcing service. We build unique systems that optimize logistics and dynamics of real estate and home improvement industry.

Media and Entertainment

Xtecsoft is a trusted technology partner of the leading media and entertainment companies, bringing diverse talent and years of experience to meet the evolving needs of the most demanding business enterprises of the 21st century.


We build retail software systems to help companies leverage predictive customer analytics, advanced inventory management, marketing automation, retail accounting software, and SIEM, as well as integration with third-party services and social media.

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